What’s Going on at This Happy House: Post-Holiday Fun

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in with This Happy House!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday with family, friends and lots of yummy food!  We had a great day, and Preston loved getting dressed up in his Easter Sunday best!


Easter best


We also took advantage of the holiday weekend and had a mini vacation getaway.  Everyone always loves a family trip to the zoo!


Petting zoo


So of course now that the weekend is winding down, we are all exhausted!  Time to get back on track!  For me this means catching up on laundry, housework, grocery shopping, and of course updating all of you at This Happy House!


What’s New This Week…

This week I am working on bringing you two new posts.  My Favorite Not-So-Mom Jeans; a review of my absolute can’t-live-without favorite jeans and The Importance of Self Care: Mind, Body and Soul.  We will also be continuing on with the Spring Cleaning Series: Living Room Edition.


I am also wrapping up writing on What’s in My Kitchen; an inside look into my personal kitchen and what items I simply cannot live without, as well as an At Home Date Night piece.  I am so excited for some great articles coming down the pipeline to share with all of you.  And as always, feel free to connect with me at jen@thishappyhouse.com to let me know what you are loving and what you would like to see more of at This Happy House!  Thanks again for stopping by and have a great week!



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