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Happy Monday everyone, welcome back to This Happy House!  I have some BIG NEWS to share with all of you!!!  This is a big week in the House, with MAJOR exciting changes coming!!!


But first… time for a quick wrap up from the past week.  This past week was all about playing catch up.  I mentioned last week that spring has had me spinning my wheels… so I spent this week getting everything organized and back on track.  House work, ‘Happy House’ work, and just some quality time with the family.


This weekend we enjoyed a nice family date night out on Friday, caught up with old friends Saturday and took advantage of the nice weather Sunday morning with a hike in the woods.  We are very fortunate to have a few nice trails nearby.  My husband and I used to enjoy going before my son was born, and we even took Bob on the trails while he was rehabbing from his amputation.


Now that Preston is getting older, we decided it would be the perfect time to take him out on his first real hike.  We collected ‘treasures,’ hiked some ‘mountains,’ and even found a few critters!  Although I think he has inherited mom’s genes; he doesn’t really love getting dirty and whenever we see bugs or critters his immediate response is “ewwww!”  In any case, we had a nice time, got some exercise, and were home in time to beat the rain!  Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!


What’s Going on at This Happy House: BIG NEWS

Now for the BIG news!!!  There is a major change coming to the House… after this week you will no longer find the weekly updates here on the website.  I will be posting What’s Going On exclusively on Facebook now every Monday.  If you are not already following on Facebook, be sure to give the House a thumbs up so you don’t miss out!


So the EXCITING reason why What’s Going on is moving out is because a new feature is moving in!  I have officially begun my healthy lifestyle journey, and will be updating all of you each week!  The new weekly feature will be This Healthy House; there will be weekly updates, healthy living tips, diet and exercise inspiration, stories from my personal journey, and more!  I hope you are all excited to share in this journey with me!


So please be sure to check back next week for the introduction to This Healthy House, and give me any feedback that you would like to see included.  Also, be sure to follow along on Facebook for all of our regular weekly updates.  I am very excited to get this underway and hope you are, too!


Have a great week, and as always, be sure to email me at jen@thishappyhouse.com with any feedback for me!



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