Voloom: My Hair Savior!

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Hair enthusiasts rejoice!  I have stumbled across my newest life saving hair tool:  Voloom!!!  If you are like me and suffer from thin, dull, and flat hair, you absolutely must check out my review of Voloom!



I have struggled with my hair my entire life.  It’s thin, flat, lifeless, hard to style and gets a terrible frizzy wave in the humidity.  I go through different hair colors and different hair styles like a rotating carousel.  As my husband likes to say: “I get a new wife every three months!”  All in hopes of changing my desperate hair situation.


I am fortunate that my sister is my hairdresser.  While she was in beauty school I got to be her guinea pig and I have stuck with her ever since.  And while she is a fabulous hairdresser, she is not a magician.  So friends, do not be too difficult on your hairdressers if you don’t look like the Pinterest photo you showed up with; beauticians can only do so much!  During one of my recent trips to her salon, one of the girls she works with immediately lit up when I came in and said: “she’s perfect for this!”  And she pulled out my new savior.  Readers, meet Voloom; your new best friend.


I must admit, I was a bit skeptical (and quite a bit more concerned for the welfare of my hair) when she pulled out this crazy looking waffle iron type contraption.  I had no clue what it was supposed to be used for, but I am super open minded and will try just about anything with my hair, so away she went.  Thirty seconds and one small section of hair later, I had the bounciest, fullest (albeit tiny) section of hair that I have ever achieved!  I could only imagine what a full head of hair with this thing would look like!


I immediately got home and did my research.  How was it possible that in the vast world of beauty I had never come across this tool?  Much less my sister, who is a professional in this field?  Preliminary research is scarce, so I am hoping to contribute to the cause!  As far as I can tell, there are two buying options for Voloom:  direct from their website, or the ever-reliable Amazon.  The majority of the reviews I came across were direct from their website so I was a bit unsure of the credibility.  But it sounded magical:  full hair in a matter of minutes, and no products required!  Since I couldn’t get the Voloom out of my head, I took the plunge and ordered one direct from their site.


My Honest Review of Voloom



Ok let’s just get this one out of the way first.  The price is a bit steep.  At $129.99 I do admit the price can be a bit off-putting.  This is the main reason that I was a bit hesitant to make my purchase.  I do realize many beauty tools fall into this price range, but I typically spend significantly less on mine so there was a bit of sticker shock to get over.  I also did plenty of searching and could not come across any coupons or discounts, and Amazon lists at the same price as the Voloom website so there are really no money saving options at this time that I am aware of.  All I can tell you on this point is that I promise you the money is well spent!



For $129.99, you will receive your Voloom, a User’s Manual, a sectioning brush, three grip clips to section off your hair, and a heat resistant travel pouch.  I especially love the travel pouch because I have also found it useful for my flat iron.  The sectioning brush is also much nicer than the usual one I purchase from the hair salon.  And the grip clips work well for the actual technique to style your hair (more on that later).  I use one for each side of my hair and one for the back.  So the “free gifts” that are included with purchase are actually quite useful!


You will also receive a one year warranty with your purchase  as well as a thirty day money back guarantee.  This is advertised on the Amazon listing as well, so no worries about buying through Amazon rather than straight through the Voloom website.  Personally I am an Amazon junkie and it’s just so easy and convenient, I always buy there first!  To date (nine months of use), I have not had any issues so I cannot report on customer service on either end.



As with any new beauty tool, there is a bit of a learning curve.  I suggest practicing with your new Voloom when you don’t have anywhere special to go, or simply don’t care if your hair is perfect that day.  The biggest issue I came across with my Voloom initially wasn’t actually using the tool itself; it was not getting the right results.


As you can tell, the iron looks very similar to a waffle iron.  So just imagine this is how your hair will look, too.  The idea is to only use the tool on the underlying sections of hair, which is then covered by a top (untouched) layer of hair.  This will disguise any imprints in your hair from the iron.  The technique, which I will detail below, takes a bit of practice.  But as far as ease of operating, it does not get much more simple than this.



The Prep

  • Section your hair (with your provided grip clips) so that you leave a thin top layer around the entire crown of your head.  One to two inches is sufficient, depending on the thickness of your hair.  This is the hair that will remain untouched and will cover your imprinted ‘Voloomed’ hair so you may need to play around with different thicknesses until you achieve your desired results.  You also need to make sure you leave all of the hair framing your face down and untouched because if you Voloom any hair in this area the imprints will definitely be visible.  As I mentioned above, I section my hair using three clips; one for each side and one for the back of my hair.  On the sides, I typically start the section in line with my ears, which leaves my face framing hair down.

The Process

  • Now that your hair is sectioned, it is time to start using the Voloom on the hair that is down (with the exception of the hair around your face).  Some people section their hair further from there because you can Voloom your hair in layers to build body.  I personally just lift each section of hair and work my way down so I’m not making a mess of clips everywhere.  Decide what works for you!  So as I mentioned, with the hair that you will be using the Voloom, you can work in as many layers as you like to add more body.  Because I have thin hair, I can really only break it down into about three layers.  The technique from here is simple.  Take your Voloom to your roots, clamp it down for 3-5 seconds and release.  It is recommended to clamp each piece of hair from the root 2-3 times, moving down your hair each time.  So you will end up with 4-6 inches from the root of imprinted hair to cover.  How many times you will need will depend mostly on the length of your hair.  Again, this will be trial and error.  If you leave the Voloom clamped too long, you will end up with a more prominent imprint which could be more easily visible.  If you have any ‘oops’ spots that you need to correct, the best thing to do is comb it out immediately and then flat iron the piece as best you can.  Personally I have a hard time covering any mistakes up so I just try to be extra careful!

The Finishing Steps

  • Once you have used the Voloom around your entire head you can run a comb through it to loosen the imprints.  Due to the technology of the tool, combing it out won’t lose the effect of it.  You can then decide if you need additional volume; if so you can lightly tease it with the comb provided.  If you need extra hold, now is the time to add your products.  Personally, I have never needed any additional teasing or the use or products and I have incredibly flat hair.  This will be a personal preference.
  • The moment of truth!  Take your clips out and let your top layer down.  See if you have any under hair showing through or if you need any additional volume anywhere.  You may need some touch ups, but otherwise you are all set!


Half a Voloom'd head
Can you tell which half of my head got the Voloom treatment???


I am going to have to give this a solid yes, with one tiny exception.  One of the selling points I have read continuously is that your volume will carry into the next day.  For many girls, I am sure this is true.  For me it is not.  But honestly I wouldn’t expect it to and it doesn’t bother me at all.  I fully expect that each day I will have to restyle my hair so my expectations on this claim were pretty low.  Otherwise, the Voloom definitely delivers on its promise.


Here are the Voloom claims to fame:

  • No Teasing:  For me this was true.  However, I have read some reviews of people who do some light teasing after use.  Maybe these people just like extra big hair, but for me it was not an issue.
  • No Hairspray: True for me.  I have also read some reviewers feel they need the extra hold though.
  • Easy to Use:  Yes; with a little bit of practice.
  • Hair Volume in Minutes:  Yes.  The Voloom is by far the quickest step in my hair process.  I can really get through my entire head in two to three minutes tops.
  • Results Last for Days:  Questionable.  For me, the results get me through the day.  But this is true of any hair styling I do; nothing usually lasts beyond bedtime.  I am sure there are reviews out there of people who feel otherwise.
  • Works on All Hair Types:  I can only comment on mine; fine/thin.  Although since that is the most difficult type of hair to add volume too, I am sure it is a winner among all hair types.

In Conclusion…

Full head of Voloom
Finished product… a full head of Voloom

I 100% recommend this product to everyone!  It truly is a dream come true for me.  I don’t need to mess with products, use crazy brushes to painstakingly blow dry my hair every day or add in extensions to get a full head of hair anymore.  And the best part is how quickly I can use it; I have literally cut my hair styling time in half.  And even if you don’t struggle with the same type of hair as me, everyone loves a nice head of thick bouncy hair so go ahead and accentuate what you already have!


I truly hope you have found my review helpful.  I absolutely love sharing the things that I love with all of the people I love!  Let me know what you think… have any of you tried Voloom?  And if you go out and get yourself one please let me know what you think, too!







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