This Healthy House Kickoff

Hi friends!  Welcome to the launch of ‘This Healthy House,’ a new feature at This Happy House!  I am so excited for you all to join me on a journey to a healthier, happier, more fulfilled lifestyle for yourself and your family!  This Healthy House will feature weekly tips on health, fitness, nutrition and general wellness that you can customize to suit your needs and lifestyle.  I will also be giving you updates along the way on my personal journey, and encouraging you to do the same!


A Little Background…

Growing up, I was never ‘athletic,’ per se.  I also ate whatever I wanted.  I never gave a thought to the concept of a ‘healthy lifestyle.’  I wasn’t overweight, so because there were no physical signs of poor lifestyle choices, I went on my merry way living life.  This continued into my early 20’s… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right???


I’m honestly not sure what made me join a new gym in town in my mid 20’s… I wish I could tell you that I had a major epiphany, but that’s just not what happened.  In any case, for the past 8 or so years, I have since dabbled in a bit of everything fitness wise.  I’ve tried going to the gym, training for various races, and at home workout plans.  I am a creature of habit and a planner, so if I wasn’t following something specific, I fell off course VERY quickly.  I was suddenly a lost puppy wandering around the gym spending more time debating in my head what I was going to do than actually working out.


As far as diet, I had definitely come a long way since high school in the healthy eating department, but still not quite where I should be.  I have never put much of a dedicated effort towards this.  I have never been technically overweight, and usually hover in the same 5-10 pound window.  However, as I am getting ‘older,’ I have started considering the long term effects of my choices.  Rather than looking at myself from an outward perspective, I have started approaching my health and wellness on the inside.


This Healthy House: health and wellness for your mind and body

Everything I have just shared with you is what has led me to create This Healthy House for myself and all of you.  A few months back, I realized that now was the time to TRULY make a change once and for all.  No more yo-yo’ing, no more extended ‘breaks’ from a healthy life, and no more feeling bad about myself!


Being a new mom, I had been struggling with finding ‘my place’ in this world.  A place of balance for myself, my health, and my mental well being.  And even more importantly a place where I belonged; and that’s just what I have found.  I have found an amazing group to join full of people just like you and me.  People who want to better themselves inside and out.  I am thrilled to have found a community of like minded individuals to motivate and support me every step of the way.  If this is something that sounds appealing to you, please message me on Facebook, email me, or check out my website for more information.  Interested in joining our Facebook group full of amazing, committed and motivated people???  Facebook message me and I will get you in!


This Healthy House is here to help you create a healthy LIFESTYLE for yourself and your family.  I’m not here to promote a crazy diet.  It’s not a ‘program.’  I won’t be offering advice on a temporary or quick fix.  This Healthy House will be sharing ways that you can take the life you live now, and transform it into a healthier life for your mind and body.


What You Will Find in This Healthy House…

  • Nutrition tips
  • Exercise tips
  • Personal development dips
  • Fun and healthy ideas for you and your family
  • A look inside of my own personal journey


Today is the day.  Today is the day to commit to change.  Let me help you become your best version of YOU!  Interested in more information???  Comment below, email me at, or check out my new website!



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