Spring Cleaning Series: Home Exterior Edition

Hi friends!  Welcome back to the Spring Cleaning Series!  Now that the inside of your house is sparkly clean and organized, it’s time to head outside and tackle the exterior.  For this one, you may need back up; particularly from someone with some muscle who does not mind getting dirty!


Home exterior


The list for your home exterior can go on for miles, but for today’s purposes we will minimize it to the essentials.  One key component for today’s project is a pressure washer.  Although it’s not 100% necessary, it will definitely make your job quicker and easier.  If you do not own a pressure washer or have access to one, many power equipment stores will rent them out on a daily basis.


Home Exterior

  • Windows

  • Brick/Siding

  • Sliding Door and Window Tracks

  • Deck/Patio

  • Yard Work



Windows used to be a dreaded task of mine, and apparently many people agreed.  New, easier solutions have arrived!  You have two options for cleaning your windows.  If you have newer windows, they will feature the ’tilt in’ option.  Basically, you clean them from the inside with your glass cleaner of choice.  Then, you can open the window and tilt it inside to clean the exterior the same way.  We got new windows a few years back and this is SO simple!  Easy peasy!


Your second option if the first does not work for you, is to clean from the outside.  Back in the day, this would require a ladder and balancing skills.  Fortunately I have found a safer and easier option.  Windex makes a great solution that you can attach right to your hose, spray on the windows, and let air dry, streak free!  Window cleaning has never been easier!


You will also need to clean your window screens if you have any.  For this, you will need to remove them and bring them outside.  I find it easiest to lay them all out on the driveway.  Now is when your pressure washer will come in handy.  Simply give them a good spraying and let air dry.



Short, simple and sweet.  Grab the pressure washer and spray away!  A lot of dirt and grime can build up on your exterior over time.  Pressure washing just once a year can remove all of this and leave your home looking fresh and new.


Sliding Door and Window Tracks


Sliding door


I don’t know about you guys, but in my house, the sliding door and window tracks get pretty grungy, pretty quick!  To save yourselves hours of elbow grease, I can simplify the process for you.  All you will need is some baking soda and vinegar.  First you will want to use a vacuum to suck up any excessive debris.  Then simply sprinkle the baking soda down the tracks and cover with a small amount of vinegar.  Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and work it’s magic!  You will be able to easily wipe away all residue.  I usually follow up with a clean, wet rag for a sparkly clean finish.  Done!



Your deck or patio space is another area where the pressure washer will definitely come in handy.  Over the long fall and winter months, dirt, mold, mildew and algae can start to accumulate.  Usually, a pressure washer alone is not enough.  I recommend stopping by your hardware store and picking up a cleaner specifically for this.  Olympic makes a pretty effective cleaner.  Simply apply to your space and let sit for ten minutes.  Then it’s time to rinse.  I find a pressure washer much more effective than a regular hose.




You will also need to clean off any furniture you have.  I like to use the harshest spray on my hose attachment for this, to ensure I don’t cause any damage.  Depending on the strength of your pressure washer, it could cause damage so better to be safe!  For cushions, I make a mixture of soap and water and scrub away.  Then simply rinse when done.


Yard Work

Ugh.  The dreaded yard work.  This is not my thing!  I have a black thumb, and no interest in anything to do with the yard, aside from laying outside relaxing in it.  However, it’s a must-do.  No sense having a nice clean house inside and out, and a dirty, overgrown yard.


The first step is clean up.  Grab some gloves and large outdoor trash bags and get to work.  We live in a cul-de-sac, also known as ‘the vortex.’  All of the neighborhood trash accumulates in our back yard, so trash clean up takes a good little while.


Flower bed


Next up is pulling the weeds.  And let me tell you, kids love to help with this!  My three year old son absolutely loves to help mommy pull the weeds!  Once your weeds are gone, be sure to spray some Round-Up to ensure they don’t grow back.


If you’re feeling extra motivated, get to work on edging your flower beds.  I like to recruit my husband for this.  Otherwise you should be all set to lay down some fresh mulch and even plant some colorful flowers to brighten the space up.



You are all set!!!  Like I mentioned, the list for your exterior could go on forever, depending on your passion for the outdoors.  Flowers and gardens can be planted.  Paint can be touched up.  Repairs can be made.  But this list was designed to just cover the basics.  Now that you have spruced up the outside, I suggest picking up some flowers and maybe a colorful wreath for you front door.  A little bit of curb appeal goes a long way!


Now is the time to relax and finally enjoy the beautiful spring weather!  Check back next week for the final week of our Spring Cleaning Series!





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