My Favorite Not-So-Mom Jeans

Welcome to the mom club!  Or the “I’m not a tween, teen, or college co-ed” club!  Time to lose all sense of style!  Or so I thought.  Ladies, (and gentlemen) I’m here to tell you that all is not lost.


My entire life, I have always been super into fashion and my style.  I prided myself on always looking put together, no matter the day or occasion.  When I joined the ’30 Club’ mere weeks after welcoming my first son, I automatically accepted that those days were over.  No more style, no more fashion, no more fun.  No more time to take care of myself.


As I slowly adjusted to motherhood and life over thirty, I quickly realized that I did not need to sacrifice all of the things I had previously thought.  I could actually wear something more than sweatpants!  And I could still be fashionable!  My mission, however seemed impossible.


Mission:  Impossible:  Find jeans that fit great, were comfortable enough to chase my son, and didn’t break the bank.


Jean layout



Jeans are the staple of any day-off-work wardrobe.  They are versatile; they go with anything, you can dress them up or keep them casual, and they are totally timeless.  Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, I worked in the banking world and had to dress up every day.  I didn’t give much thought to my jeans; I had a couple of pairs I loved and that was enough for me.  Now, however, they were my daily attire.  Time to stock up!

What do you look for in your jeans?


Everyone wants to find the best fit for their body type.  I have a curvy/athletic body so finding jeans that fit properly can be very challenging!  Personally, I am also not a fan of the ultra low-rise trend; I am a thirty something mom chasing my toddler around, I can’t be worrying about a plumber’s crack!


(Is that even a word???)  I like to know how my jeans are going to “wear” throughout the day.  Many times, jeans fit amazing in the store.  You buy them, take them home and wear them for a couple of hours, and suddenly they look like a totally different pair of jeans.  Saggy butt and knees are usually the culprit for me.  I need jeans that are going to hold their shape and stay true to the fit I bought in the store.


Jean stack



How long are they going to last me?  Jeans are an investment in your wardrobe; you want to be sure they are going to last more than a few washes!  Not only are jeans a financial investment, they are also an investment of your time!  Jean shopping is WORK.  Shopping for the right pair of jeans can be almost as stressful as swimsuit shopping; you don’t want a repeat trip every couple of months!


Because I am so picky about my jeans, I used to spend a small fortune on a single pair of jeans to get that “just right” pair.  I didn’t actually enjoy spending that much, but I simply could not find anything better for less.  Because of that, I rarely bought new jeans and only had a few pairs in my wardrobe.  Now that jeans have become a daily wardrobe staple, I need to find a more economical solution!


Friends, rejoice!  I am happy to let you know that I have done all of the work for you and found the perfect pair of jeans that checks off the box in each of these categories!  And my discovery may surprise you!  If you’ve never tried them before, I’m here to let you know that American Eagle jeans are the last pair you will ever need to try!  Before you skeptics stop reading, please hear me out!  I’m sure you’re thinking, “I pass this store in the mall all the time… my teenage niece shops there… I used to shop there in high school.  These jeans can’t be for me!”  Let me tell you, yes, these jeans ARE for you, and anyone else you may know!


Me and my not-so-mom jeans


What I Love About American Eagle Jeans

What don’t I love???  These jeans are literally made for EVERYONE.


Teens, college co-ed’s, parents, young adults, and beyond; there is a fit for everyone!  Personally, I love the jeggings.  They are comfortable and flattering, they come in four different rises, and countless different colors and washes.  They are very flattering and fit even my curvy body in all the right places.  And there is always something new to choose from!  Some of AE’s other popular fits include skinny, bootcut, boyfriend fit and flare leg, among others.


These jeans stay true to fit through it all!  Chasing a toddler, crawling around on the floor and typical day-to-day mommy duties are no match for these jeans!  And you can definitely get away with washing these every other wear and they will still hold their shape!


Jeans random



Now that you love these jeans, the true question is will they stand the test of time?  You will be happy to know that I did the leg work for you on these jeans myself.  I can confirm that I have a couple of pairs of AE jeans that are as old as my son; three and a half years.  In jean world, I consider this pretty good.  I have seen many a pairs (more expensive) come and go since the birth of my son, due to the dreaded worn out knees.  My AE jeans are still pretty pristine, so I will give this category a big thumbs up!


Ok, so you love the jeans.  Now I’m sure you’re assuming that for all of these great qualities, they must cost a fortune.  The best part of these jeans, actually, is the price!  On average, you will pay about $49.95 for a pair of jeans, higher or lower than that depending on wash and embellishments such as destruction.  At that, I would consider them a good price.

BUT FRIENDS, IT GETS BETTER!  There is ALWAYS a promotion!  If you happen upon the store and jeans are full price, try again tomorrow.  The usual promotion is buy one, get one half off.  But sometimes they even run forty percent off or $19.99 clearance jeans.

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER!  Sign up for their (free) rewards card, and you will earn one free pair of jeans for every five pairs you purchase.

As far as pricing goes, I have not found any other jeans that come even close to competing with American Eagle pricing, especially for the quality you will receive.


Favorite jeans
My favorite American Eagle jeggings


Mission:  Success!!!

After years of bouncing all over the place with different brands, pricing, and styles I am so thrilled to have finally found a pair of jeans that are absolutely perfect in every way!  Now whenever I need a new pair, rather than having to devote a day to trying on countless jeans, I can simply stop in and quickly grab exactly what I need.  You can also order online where there is an extended variety, or reserve online to pick up in the store.  I am a big fan of the reserve option; I can choose exactly what I want and have it that same day without having to spend time finding them in the store.  Simply find the nearest associate and they can grab your item out of the back.  It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than that!


Friends, I encourage you to stop into your nearest American Eagle store and give their jeans a try!  I promise you will not be disappointed.  And I would love to hear what you think of them!



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