Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award


Hi friends, welcome back!  I have some super exciting news to share with all of you; I have been nominated for the Liebster Award!


For those of you who may not be familiar, the Liebster Award recognizes new bloggers across the web.  It is a way for fellow bloggers to connect, nominate their favorite new bloggers, and learn more about each other.  The Liebster Award also provides you, the readers, with an opportunity to connect with the faces behind the words.


I am so grateful to be nominated for this award.  I started this journey unsure of where the path may lead, but with visions of greatness.  I am thrilled to be recognized for This Happy House, the site I have created for all of you.


Liebster Award Acceptance


I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Stephanie Wilson from Lattes, Lilacs, & Lullabies.  Stephanie has an absolutely beautiful site devoted to the journey of motherhood; from the early pre-mommy ‘planning’ stages all the way through those first days at home.  Lattes, Lilacs & Lullabies provides great information on all of these topics, as well as inspiration for your home and life.  I highly recommend stopping by and checking out her site!


Stephanie discovered me through a Facebook group for bloggers, a great way for bloggers, new and seasoned, to connect with one another.  I am so honored that Stephanie chose to nominate me for this awesome award!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


In keeping with the tradition of the Liebster Award, I will personally be nominating five of my favorite new bloggers at the end of this post.


The Rules for Liebster Award Nominees

1. On your blog, thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Link back to the blogger that awarded you.

3. Upload the award to your blog.  This can be done by writing a post about the award, and uploading the award image in your sidebar.

4. Answer the questions you have been asked by your nominator in a blog post so we can get to know you better.

5. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers, that you believe deserve to receive this award.

6. Notify the owners of those 5 blogs that you’ve nominated them so they can accept their award.  Bloggers can be nominated more than once, giving their readers more chances to learn more about them.


My Questions From Stephanie


1. Why did you decide to start a blog?


Today's your day


My decision to start a blog was something that had been in my heart for quite some time.  I have always enjoyed writing, but have always been a bit introverted.  The idea of sharing what was inside of me with the whole world was a bit terrifying.  As I have progressed through life, particularly through my journey of motherhood, I have become more confident with myself.  I have a great deal of passion for life, and I truly enjoy sharing what I love with others.


As my son grows out of toddler-hood and gears up for pre-school, I have been thinking of what I can do with myself to help better serve others in a truly meaningful way.  I decided that now is the time to share my words with others!  I have so much passion; from home organizing and decorating, life inspiration and good old fashioned family fun, I want to share my joy with others.  From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope that This Happy House can become a meaningful part of other’s lives; a source of inspiration to share with others.


2. How did you choose the name for your blog?


As I mentioned, I have a lot of love for life.  And a lot that I want to share with others!  I had quite a difficult time selecting a name.  I wanted something that encompassed everything I wanted to share with others and everything that I am passionate about.  I over-analyzed it for quite some time.  I didn’t want to stick myself into one particular space based on my name.


One day (well actually one night when insomnia was kicking in) it came to me clear as a bell; my house!  My favorite place in the world, my number one source of inspiration, and the center of all things that I love.  And of course happiness is a given.  I want my site to be a source of happiness, an inspiration to find happiness, and the motivation to create your own happiness.


THH Logo

By combining happiness with my house, I am able to include all categories that I am passionate about, and all categories that I want to share with all of you.  So after weeks of over thinking, This Happy House was born.  Simple, yet so meaningful in so many ways.


3.  What’s your family’s favorite holiday tradition?


Hmm….. this is a tough one.  Honestly, I don’t think that I could narrow it down to just one!  My son is three years old and we are just starting to work on our new traditions together as a family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  I am just enjoying watching my son grow; learning about the meanings behind the holidays, taking joy in everything that we do, hearing him talk about it for days, weeks, and months on end.  Reliving life through my son’s eyes is honestly the best part about the holidays for me right now!


4.  What’s your favorite thing to cook/bake for your family?


What's In My Kitchen Feature


Those who know me know that I was never much of a cook, so this is a tough one for me!  I use past tense, because I have made some progress in the kitchen in the past few years since I became a stay at home mom, although I definitely don’t consider myself a ‘cook.’  Pinterest beginner is a bit more fitting!


In any case, I do have a few go-to recipes that we really enjoy.  If I had to pick just one it would be my latest successful new meal that has been added into the weekday rotation:  stir fry teriyaki shrimp with zucchini noodles.  I tried this recipe for the first time the other day and it is simply amazing!  It’s not my own recipe, but I did make some of my own adjustments to the recipe I found on Eatwell 101.  In addition to the recipe, I added in sautéed broccoli and mixed in some whole wheat spaghetti noodles as well.  Delicious!  You could also substitute chicken for the shrimp if you are not a seafood lover like me!


5.  What place in the world would you most like to visit, and why?


Palm trees
Palm trees=Vacation


My husband and I are definitely tropical folks!  For me, if it doesn’t involve palm trees, it does not constitute vacation.  We cruised to the Caribbean for our honeymoon, and have revisited nearly every year since.  So I will have to go with the go-to destination; Hawaii!  We used to talk about taking a trip there for our ten year anniversary, but since that came and went yesterday, it looks like we will have to reschedule our plans!


I would love to plan a Hawaiian vacation that would include traveling to all of the different islands to really take in all of the sites and culture.  The food, the scenic beauty, the history, the culture, the plethora of PALM TREES… the list of reasons that Hawaii tops my list goes on and on.


The only thing holding me back from my dream vacation, aside from the time and money to do so, is my genuine fear of flying.  And Hawaii is definitely no hop, skip, and jump away from this Northeastern’s house.  So for now, I will tuck this away in my ‘someday’ bucket list.

My Nominations for the Liebster Award


1.   Elizabeth at Confidently Elegant

2.  Jennifer at Elderberry Girls

3.  Ivy at Ivy Neal

4.  Kayla at Adventures of a Young Mother

5.  Mindy at Mindy Fresh


Congratulations on your nominations!


Liebster Award


My Questions for My Nominees


  1.  Why did you decide to start your blog?
  2.  Where do you find your inspiration for your blog?
  3.  What is the number one item on your bucket list for life, and what is holding you back from doing it?
  4.  What do you envision for your life 5 years from now?
  5.  What is your favorite family fun activity?



I want to take a minute to thank all of you, my readers.  Honestly, without you, This Happy House would not be where it is today.  After all, what good are words if no one is reading them???  I am also so honored that Stephanie from Lattes, Lilacs and Lullabies appreciated my work enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award.  Thank you again, Stephanie!!!  I am so excited for what the future holds for This Happy House, and I hope that all of you will join in on this amazing journey!



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