How to Put a Toddler to Bed in Under 67 Minutes

Toddler Bedtime Routine


Mom life with a toddler; a daily roller coaster of emotions that culminates with the elusive ‘bedtime routine.’  Friends, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s been a long day of love, laughter, chasing kids around, maybe a couple of tears, and momma, you are spent!  Bedtime is on the horizon, almost time to kick your feet up and relax for a few minutes before you head to bed yourself.


But as we all know, bedtime with a toddler is definitely easier said than done.  Each night can bring on a new set of challenges.  So I have simplified the bedtime routine for all of us!

Toddler Bedtime: How to Put a Toddler to Bed in Under 67 Minutes


Typical bedtime silliness
Typical bedtime silliness



Pre-bedtime hype kicks in.  Time to run in circles, bounce off the walls and expend all of that energy left over from the day… or in my son’s case, feed off of that energy.  My kid is ready to rock!


Melt down.  The trauma of being told that it is time to head upstairs kicks in, full force.  Tears, kicking and screaming on the ground, full on panic mode.


Dad makes a game of chasing Preston up the stairs to send him into a fit of giggles.  All is right in the house again.  Side note:  the chasing game has fully restored the energy of 13 minutes ago.


Potty time and teeth brushing.  Must include a full minute of ‘drawing’ imaginary pictures on P’s tongue with his toothbrush.


Chase a giggling, half clothed toddler around the entire upstairs.  Finally mom and dad tap out and let P have at it for a few minutes.


Story time in bed with a (finally) fully clothed toddler.  We are clothed and in bed; we are in the home stretch!


Orrrrrrrrr not………….  Story time tires most kids out.  My son is not ‘most kids.’  The few minutes of quiet story time has recharged him and now he has caught his second wind!  Time to get out of bed to sing and dance a couple of songs for mom and dad.  We try to get him back in bed, but can’t help laughing at his silliness.  This kid sure knows how to work mom and dad!


Ok.  Seriously kid.  Time to get in bed.


Time to say our prayers!  We pray to God; pray for our family and go through our nightly prayer list.  But it doesn’t end there!  Now we must ‘pray’ for something exciting from the day!  This could include an activity we did, a TV show or movie, heck, even what we had for dinner!  Whatever stood out the most for the day is what Preston likes to ‘pray’ about.


Home stretch.  Seriously.  Hug time.  Kiss time.  “Mommy…. what are we going to do tomorrow???  What are we going to have for breakfast tomorrow???”  Another hug.  Another kiss.  Sweet dreams jelly bean!


We’ve made it out of the room!


Via the baby monitor:  “I’m thirsty.”


Bring P water.


Via the baby monitor:  “I have to go potty.”


Take P potty.  Again.


Via the baby monitor:  “I need my fuzzy blankie.”


Bring P his fuzzy blankie.






Silence.  Wow, did he really just fall asleep that fast???


Just kidding!  Party time!!!  Preston is back up, singing and dancing all over his pitch black bedroom.


P has turned his bed into a make shift boat.


P is looking out his window saying good night to the moon.


Mom and dad via the monitor:  “Preston, get in bed!  It’s time to go to sleep!”  P runs into bed.


Ok I really think he’s sleeping…  wait, just kidding, he’s up again.  Time for another round of songs with full on choreography.


Alright kid, you win.  Run in circles in the dark until you fall asleep… see you in the morning!!!


Toddler Bedtime


Congratulations mom and dad, you have successfully put your toddler to bed in under 67 minutes… with any luck they will actually fall asleep before you!  Now rest up and get ready for another fun-filled day with your toddler tomorrow!!!


I would love to hear all about your bedtime routines and what works for you!  And as always, feel free to connect with me at




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