How to Nourish Your Family Bond and Stay Connected

My family is everything to me.  I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, an absolutely amazing son, and a goofy little three legged dog.  Each night I count my blessings and am so thankful for the love that I am surrounded with.  Hopefully, you are in the same boat as me!  Families come in all shapes and sizes; there is no set definition of what makes a family.  But if you are surrounded by people who love you and light up your life, then you have a family!


How To Nourish Your Family Bond


Family is important, and it’s equally important that we treat those we care about with love and respect.  However, in today’s crazy life, family time can slide by the wayside.  Work, school and household obligations can pull us in a million different directions.  If you have kids, the days will only fill up quicker as they grow.  How do you keep up with it all?  How can you possibly prioritize family time?


It’s so important to establish a strong family bond.  It’s even more important to find a way to maintain it.  Throughout the craziness of life, there are some simple steps you can follow to nourish your family bond to keep connected.


How to Nourish Your Family Bond and Stay Connected

Family Meal Time

This is such a big one.  Family meal time, totally disconnected from the distractions of the outside world.  In most circumstances, meal time with everyone probably only works for dinnertime, aside from the weekends.  Establish a regular dinner time.  That way, even if everyone is out and about running errands, visiting with friends, or at extra curricular activities, everyone knows what time to be home and reconvene.


Dinner time provides a great opportunity to reconnect.  Talk about everyone’s day.  Talk about upcoming plans.  Go through the family checklist; cover anything that needs discussed.  You can even make post-dinner clean up time a family event; the bonus is that clean up is done quicker and you get to enjoy more family time together!


Scheduled Family Fun Time


Day at the beach
Family fun at the beach


Maybe it’s a whole day, maybe it’s just a night.  Whatever you choose, schedule designated family fun time on a regular basis.  My suggestion is once a week, but only you know what will work for your family.  Schedule your time to just include your family, and make it as distraction-free as possible.  The whole point is to bond together as a family.


In our house we like to do both, depending on what fits in our schedule.  Even before my son was born, my husband and I would plan ‘Family Fun Day’ on a regular basis.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to and gives us a chance to break out of the mundane schedule of every day life.


If you’re short on time, a family fun night can be equally exciting as a whole day.  Take turns picking the activities so everyone has a chance to share their favorites.  If you’re looking for family fun time inspiration for the upcoming summer season, be sure to check out my Essential Summer Family Bucket List for ideas, too!


Monthly Road Trips


Road trip to the petting zoo
Road trip to the petting zoo


Get out and explore somewhere new!  Maybe monthly won’t work for you; however often you choose, be sure to actually schedule it so you can follow through and make it happen!  Coordinate everyone’s schedules, pick a new place each time, and enjoy!  Especially in the summer months, it can be so fun to hit the road and find a new adventure.


We usually attempt this every month or so, and usually stick within a two hour radius.  I am fortunate to live in the center of a few major cities.  Hopefully wherever you live offers some nearby attractions to check out, too!  Hop on Google and see what’s out there.  You may be surprised to find some hidden gems that you never even knew existed!


Road trips are a great time to bond.  It doesn’t need to be far, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and it doesn’t even need to take all day.  Just get out there and make some memories!


End of the Night Recap

Taking time to reconnect on a daily basis is so important to keep your bond close.  In addition to family meal time, I highly recommend an end of the night recap before bedtime.


In our house, we always recap the day before bedtime.  We talk about our favorite parts of the day and what our plans are for the next day.  It’s also a good time to run through any to-do lists for the remainder of the week.  Ending the day by connecting with each refreshes and renews your bond, and helps get the following day of to a great start.


Stay Connected

Above all else, stay connected and in constant communication with your family.  In the busiest of seasons, all of the family bonding tips that I mentioned may not always be possible.  However, the one area you can control is keeping connected.  This is especially important when you can’t follow through with any other bonding activities.


Stay connected


Call each other up throughout the day.  Leave notes for each other to find during the day.  Send a quick text message.  Check in and say ‘hi.’  Let each other know that you are thinking of one another.  If you go MIA all day long, it can definitely be hard to keep connected with your family!  Take five minutes out of your busy day and let your family know that you are thinking of them.  Family should be your number one priority; make time to nurture your bond, even in the busiest of moments.



Family is forever, and is the most treasured gift that you will ever receive.  You have been blessed to choose your family and equally blessed to receive their companionship for life.  It can be easy to lose sight of the importance of this bond.  Unfortunately, it can also be easy to take your family for granted.


With the weight of the world on your shoulders, it can be easy to push those closest to you to the back burner.  Just because family is forever, does not mean that we should not prioritize each other.  And the longer we go without nourishing our bonds, the bigger the gap will become.  Establishing and maintaining a solid family bond is work.  It is an effort we must put forth each day.


At the end of each day, however, we are rewarded with the greatest gift.  The gift of family and love.  There is nothing else more important in this world.  I hope that you and your family have found value in these tips, and will incorporate some of these into your daily life!

I would love to hear how you and your family keep your family bond strong!



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