How to Find Your Fitness Motivation When Life Gets in the Way

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Anything new in life can be super exciting… people, places, things, you name it; if it’s new then it’s what life is all about!  Fast forward a couple of days, weeks or months and the sparkle and shine can start to lose its luster.  And the number one example???  Your new, healthy lifestyle.  Perhaps the biggest reason our spark dulls so quickly in this realm is because we are results-driven people.  The world has become an immediate gratification kind of place.  In the hustle  and bustle of today’s world, there’s no time to slow down and waste ‘working’ for results.  If we don’t see it, we think it’s not working.


How to Find Your Fitness Motivation


Now, we all know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  But our body and our mind tend to play tricks on us.  Anyone can tell you that your insides reap the rewards of your healthy lifestyle far sooner than your outside.  However, because these are intangible changes happening, then we start to convince ourselves that the early mornings spent at the gym and cheeseburgers traded in for salads simply aren’t worth it.


Exit motivation, straight out the window.  Don’t beat yourself up over it; it happens to the best of us!  We decide to make a change, get super excited for our ‘new life’ and dive in head first… and then life gets in the way.  Your newfound excitement slowly transitions into the dread of another ‘obligation.’


For me, I was psyched to finally take the leap and become a Beachbody coach.  I set up Beachbody On Demand, picked out my first program and was ready to go… NEW ME: here I come!!!  And then.  Two days later, life happened.  We bought a house, completely out of nowhere.  And as anyone knows, the home buying and selling process is incredibly time-consuming!  So I stuck with it for a good month, and then when we got down to the nitty-gritty packing and unpacking, I felt myself starting to slip.  Living between two houses left little time for consistent workouts and healthy, planned meals.  I wouldn’t say I had a full-blown relapse, but my motivation definitely shifted to different priorities!


But you know what???  It’s ok!  I picked up where I left off, renewed my motivation, and I will show you how to do the same!


How to Find Your Fitness Motivation When Life Gets in the Way









Set a Clear Goal

The first step in reigniting your passion and your motivation is to set a clear goal.  Assess where you are now, and envision where you want to be.  Set a realistic time frame for you to achieve your goals.  Personally, I have chosen an aggressive 3 week program designed to whip my fitness and nutrition into shape using a rapid rebuild program.  For me, this fits my needs great.  I know what I need and I know what I am capable of.  So essentially I am choosing a 3 week boot camp to kick me back on track.  The bonus to a short, aggressive program is that the results will be quicker; but be prepared, serious results require serious dedication!  Interested in hearing more about my program?  Send me an email at for more information or look forward to my full review in a few weeks!


Do Not Let Life Get in the Way of Your Goals


Write it down.  What is your goal?  What is your time frame?  Where will you go from here?


Create a Realistic Action Plan

Now that you have a clear goal in mind, it’s time to get specific with a realistic action plan.  Again, write it down.  Personally, I feel that everything is so much easier to keep track of and stay on track with when pen goes to paper.  How will you achieve your goal?  And be honest with yourself.  Only you can honestly answer how many workouts a week you can commit to, how early you can wake up, and what kind of diet you can stick with without crashing and burning.


Write it down


Write down when and where you plan on working out each day.  What workout will you be doing?  If you are already planned ahead, you will be much less likely to procrastinate and waste time deciding what you will be doing.  Also, write down a weekly meal plan.  Be specific.  What meals will you eat, and on which days?  Choose one day a week to prep for the remainder of the week.


Life is all about balance.  If we don’t give ourselves realistic actions to live by, then we are much more likely to fall off the wagon, hard.


Hold Yourself Accountable

Create a system for accountability.  Write it down, use an app, ask a friend to help.  Whatever works for you; and again, only you can answer that.  What works for me simply may not work for you!  Personally, I am a visual person.  I like to using tracking apps or journals for my fitness and nutrition because I like to physically see the check marks and what I am accomplishing (or not) each day.


Ultimately in life, you cannot rely on anyone else to achieve anything for you.  Especially with a healthy lifestyle; only you can truly make the changes in yourself.  Accountability is the number one way to keep the motivation going; after all, you don’t want to let yourself down!


Find a Support System

Ok, so I purposely listed Find a Support System AFTER Hold Yourself Accountable.  And I know, “Jen, you just said only you can hold yourself accountable!”  So true.  However, finding a support system along the way can work wonders for you!  I listed it second, however, because without committing to yourself first, a support system can do you no good.


find your why


As for myself, I am a member of an AMAZING online health and fitness community.  Seriously, these people have become like family to me.  When I am having a bad day or lacking motivation, they are right there to lift me up.  We work together to help achieve our goals.  And although we are all on different journeys and trying to achieve different things, our common bond holds us all together.  I HIGHLY recommend finding yourself a group or support system for encouragement.  Interested in joining mine???  We are always accepting new members!  Simply email me at to join today!


Track Your Progress

This goes right along with holding yourself accountable.  Tracking your progress is the number one thing to help keep you motivated along the way.  And it’s not always the tangible things.  I recommend keeping a journal such as Eat Drink Move Sleep Health Tracking Journal for all tracking purposes.  Starting weight, measurements and photos are only one piece of the puzzle.  Assess how you feel on the inside as well.



Take note each day of energy levels, mood, sleeping patterns and overall well-being.  You will be amazed at transformations that extend beyond what we see physically!  And some days, this will be what pushes you through when the numbers aren’t moving.  Seeing changes inside and out is the reward for all of your hard work.  Tracking also gives you something tangible to celebrate!  Which brings me to my next point…


Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate, celebrate celebrate!!!  Celebrating successes is the NUMBER ONE way to keep that motivation rocking!  Celebrate with your friends, your family, or even just yourself!  And don’t just reach for that one big milestone; be sure to celebrate all of your little successes along the way.  Give yourself ‘mini goals’ to work for throughout your journey.  Hitting each one is a sure-fire way to keep your motivation super charged.


The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes


You are awesome, amazing, and truly one of a kind.  You deserve to live life to the fullest, in every aspect.  There will be times you may stumble.  There may be times that you even fall, HARD.  But there’s always a way back.  Deep down, your motivation is always hiding within, so whenever you find yourself struggling, pull these tips back out, give yourself a quick pep talk, and get back on track!  And don’t just limit this to fitness; use these motivational tools in all aspects of life!


What works for you when you find yourself struggling to find your motivation???  Looking for more???  Let’s connect!  Send me an email to to get started today!



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