How One Fitness Program Became a Game Changer in My Life… (and how it can do the same for you)

Welcome back to This Healthy House!  Now that you all are familiar with what This Healthy House is all about, I figured what better way to dive in than take you right inside my own personal journey!


How 1 fitness program became a game changer in my life


Let me start by saying that there are approximately 12,000 different workout and fitness options out there.  I know, because I have tried about 1,376 of them.  Where to even begin???  It can be daunting, especially if you are new to the fitness world.  As I mentioned, I have dabbled in different gyms, different programs and trained for multiple races.  The options are endless, and equally overwhelming.


Now that I am a mom, life has gotten even busier, narrowing my options even more.  The gym is too hard to get to, my son doesn’t love the childcare, and it’s usually way too crowded.  Running takes too long because I am too darn slow, and admittedly, I don’t really enjoy it.  I needed something with structure, something that was convenient, and something that actually WORKED.  Otherwise, what’s the point of wasting my precious time???


After trying multiple DVD programs and getting immediately bored with the same 3 routines, or killing myself for weeks with zero results, I decided to go back to the one thing that actually truly worked for me in the past.  Enter Beachbody.  Years ago, I purchased some Beachbody DVD’s, completed the programs, and saw phenomenal results; all in the comfort of my own home.  Fast forward years later, and I must admit, Beachbody has come a LONG way!



All About Beachbody

Beachbody is a lifestyle.  It is not a gimmick, a diet, or a quick fix.  There is no ‘end’ result.  It is all about realistic, attainable lifelong change.  Along with over 600 workouts, Beachbody also offers multiple eating plans and recipes, depending on your goals, super awesome and supportive Facebook groups, and even encourages taking time for personal development each day.  It is a totally well rounded, holistic approach to your overall health and wellness.  This is what I love.  You don’t just finish the program and then you’re done.  Instead, it’s all about ‘what’s next?’  And trust me, there’s plenty to choose from ‘next!’



Beachbody offers endless (and by endless I mean over 600) workouts for every single fitness level, and every single fitness goal, with new ones added almost every month.  Back in the day, you had to purchase the DVD’s for whichever program you were interested in.  Which was great, for about two months.  And that option is still available too.  However, Beachbody now offers On Demand, which gives you access to every single workout in the library, from any device with internet access.  All for just $.27 a day, way cheaper than a gym membership!




There truly is something for everyone.  Workouts with weights, and workouts without.  Dance based fitness.  Plenty of HIIT options to get your blood pumping.  Beginner to expert and everything in between.  So please don’t think “I’m not in good enough shape to start.”  Remember, Beachbody is a lifestyle, start to finish.  It is designed for the most novice and inexperienced of us all the way to expert body builders.


If you are interested in a good place to start, or recommendations on which program may be best for you, please email me at or Facebook message me!


I have always been a bit naïve on this one…  I always assumed that since I ‘generally’ ate healthy, I was ‘healthy.’  However, what I did not account for was if I was giving my body enough of all of the nutrients I needed.  Also, as you may be aware, many ‘healthy’ foods in the grocery store are anything but that!


No worries, Beachbody has you covered!  There are multiple eating plans to follow, depending on your goals.  There are also tons of recipes, and even a cooking show if you have the On Demand package!  (which I highly recommend; access to over 600 workouts right at your fingertips for $.27 a day!)  Specifically, I love the 21 Day Fix/Fix Extreme program.  It comes with handy colorful containers for each of your food groups and tells you exactly how many to fill each day, along with what to put in them.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!


21dfx Meal Plan
All of the ingredients for a successful nutrition plan…


And let’s not forget the power of the magical Shakeology that Beachbody offers!  Your daily dose of dense superfood nutrition in one delicious daily shake!  If you want more information on that specifically, please let me know.  Otherwise, my Shakeology website will provide you will all of the information you may need!


Personally, I love the direct approach to nutrition.  Of course there is always room for improvising, and Beachbody definitely encourages on 80/20 approach.  But I am someone who loves structure and planning, so for me it’s perfect!


Facebook Support Groups

My number one favorite thing that Beachbody offers these days are the AMAZING Facebook groups!  I would NOT be where I am today with my Facebook Beachbody peeps!  The groups are designed to be your safe place.  Your place to vent your frustrations, celebrate your successes, find motivation when you are lacking and encourage others in return.  We post daily on our workouts, nutrition, advice and more.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to participate in the group!  In fact, you are perfectly welcome to just read along if you prefer to keep to yourself, although I highly encourage participation!


summer slim down
Summer Slim Down Challenge


Some of my favorite people I have met through our challenge groups!  We actually have a new group starting June 5, Summer Slim Down!  It’s a 4 week group designed to jumpstart your health and fitness journey!  If you are interested in joining and seeing what it’s all about, feel free to email me at or Facebook message me!


Personal Development

This is one area that I think really sets Beachbody apart.  Personal development is HUGE!  Remember, the body achieves what the mind believes.  So often, we neglect our mind.  And if you’re like me, my entire life has been consumed by the tiny voice of doubt inside my head.  Telling me I can’t.  Telling me I won’t.  Telling me to give up.  Telling me I AM NOT ENOUGH.


Personal Development
Ten minutes of personal development can work wonders!


We need to nurture our mental wellness.  Beachbody has endless suggestions for personal development books, devotionals and more.  In addition, your support group is an excellent source of development also.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  Simply ten minutes a day can and will change your life.


Tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH!  And you can do whatever you set your mind to.


Ready For a Change???

Time to assess yourself.  Are you ready for a change???  Is it time to take the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family?  What are you waiting for???  Change is just a day away.  And I am here to help you every step of the way.  Please email me at or Facebook message me.  I can help you with getting started, getting motivated to get started, or just a quick pep talk to point you in the right direction!


This Healthy House


The whole mission behind This Healthy House is to help others live their best life now.  That means YOU!  Take some time; think about your goals, your hopes and your dreams.  I promise you that you are capable of so much more than you ever thought possible!


Be sure to follow along with This Healthy House for weekly updates, motivation, tips and to follow along with my personal journey also.  And if you are not already following the This Healthy House exclusive Facebook page, be sure to get on that ASAP for daily motivation!  Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to you joining along on this journey with me!



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    • I’m glad this helped, I know there is a TON of information out there! I honestly was on the fence for awhile and not sure if I would actually work out at home, but I couldn’t be happier that I took the leap! Especially now that everything is On Demand, it couldn’t be more convenient! I can always find a half hour a day to workout!

    • What I love about Beachbody is that there is literally something for everyone! There’s cardio, HIIT, weight lifting, yoga and pilates and every single program can be modified for beginner to advanced! Plus such a variety it’s impossible to get bored. When you finish your program now let me know if you want more information!

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