This Happy House Tour: The Home Office Makeover on a Budget

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Hi there everyone!  Today I wanted to give you a sneak peek into our new house and one of my favorite projects so far… my home office.  I realize that in today’s day, a home office isn’t really ‘necessary’ since you can take your laptop, tablet or phone with you wherever you like.  And although I do recognize the convenience of this, personally I much prefer a dedicated space to call my own to work in.  In our old house, I bounced all over the place with my laptop but definitely had a hard time staying focused.  Now that we are in the new house, I finally have a dedicated office space to call my own!


Home Office Makeover on a Budget


If we are getting technical here, my ‘home office’ is officially designed to be a formal dining room… but who really uses those anyhow???  We have a massive kitchen and no need for another dining area.  The previous owners used the room as a playroom.  Being on the first floor, I definitely appreciate the practicality of this, however, the home is large enough that my son will never (hopefully never???) have enough toys to fill all of the rooms, so the ‘dining room’ has officially been deemed the home office.


Since I did not have a home office in our old house, naturally I did not have anything to decorate an office with once we moved in.  I joked with my husband that I would just park my laptop on the floor and call it a day.  However, since the office is the first thing you see when you walk in the door I decided that this room certainly deserved some attention… and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!


Floral decor


Let me start out by saying that home décor does not have to cost a fortune!  My husband and I definitely prefer a unique, ‘custom’ style in our home, so everyone automatically assumes that we have ‘high end’ taste.  High end=$.  However, we are 100% bargain hunters above all else!    Just because something is not ‘cookie cutter’ style does not mean that it has to be expensive!


My #1 piece of advice before beginning any home improvement or redecorating projects is to definitely shop around.  You will be amazed at the savings you can find with hidden coupons and discounts floating around the internet.  And the variety is huge!  If you find something that you love, simply Google it and find every other similar option out there.  If you find an exact match, retailers will price match.  Otherwise you may find something that looks identical for a dramatically lower price.  Plus if you venture outside of town for your shopping, you will open yourself up to a whole world of unique finds.  So before you dive in to any project, give yourself some time to shop around and research what all is out there.


Office space


You should also pick a ‘theme’ to go with for the room.  I spent weeks agonizing over the ‘look’ of my office.  I was waiting to find that ‘one’ special piece that would define the room.  I couldn’t decide on color, style, furniture, or anything in between.  I knew that if I could just be patient I would stumble upon the one item that would spark my inspiration for the entire room.  I finally found a wall hanging with many coordinating pieces which also happened to match the existing wall paint colors.  (*BONUS* no painting!)  I was then able to build the room from there.  I definitely recommend finding a focal piece to set the tone for the rest of your room.




Clearly, a desk is pretty much the most important piece of any home office.   Size, style, and functionality were major factors for me.  I knew that I wanted my desk centered in the room so all sides had to be ‘finished.’  I also knew that I wanted a large desk to spread out my work, as well as fill up the large room.  As I mentioned, I struggled with the theme for my office; desk included.  The same day that I settled on a color scheme, I stumbled upon my beautiful desk!  A perfect match!  And better yet: the price!





Seriously!  It was on a great sale and a fraction of the cost of any desks that size.  And Office Max???  I seriously would have never thought to shop there for furniture, so kudos to my husband for dragging me in!


Since I’m all about fashion over function, I knew that I did not want a traditional office chair messing with the look of my beautiful room.  Plus, those chairs can get super expensive!  My first instinct was to head to the reliable internet.  However, after a quick trip into my local Home Goods store, I found this beauty instead.  I LOVE Home Goods because it is constantly changing!  I can go in 4 different days in a week and hardly ever see the same item twice.  The best part: this chair was randomly on clearance!


Office views


HOME GOODS: $79 (clearance price)

Unfortunately, Home Goods has a revolving door of merchandise.  So if you have fallen in love with my chair, you may have trouble finding it.  But there are plenty similar ones out there!


So we just refinished all of the flooring on our main level to a luxury vinyl plank. (which by the way, I LOVVVVVE!)  I definitely needed something to cozy the room up and I’m a big fan of area rugs.  Typically, you would just run out to whichever mega home goods store is in your area.  However if you’re a smart bargain shopper, you head to the internet instead!




My number one piece of advice for internet shopping for any home goods is to READ THE REVIEWS!  While most everything is usually returnable, it’s also a big pain in the toosh.  So save yourself the trouble and read as many ‘real’ reviews as you can.  Most people will highlight quality, durability, ease of building (when applicable) and how closely the actual item resembles the picture.  Rug shopping is absolutely cheaper online, so I did my research and found this beauty on Amazon.  (also known as my shopping BFF)  Seriously, this rug is so fluffy I just want to lay down and take a nap on it!

AMAZON:  $78

Yes, crazy town, $78!  Technically listed at $87 but I used my Amazon Moves coupon for an additional 10%… always on the lookout for a good bargain!

Sofa Table

Ok, admittedly, this was my one ‘splurge’ item in the room.  It seems that my husband and I always end up with one piece in each room that we ‘splurge’ on.  Although since we are such bargain hunters, many items that we consider a splurge are really probably just a normal price to most people.


Sofa table


Anyhow, I envisioned a wall of bookshelves behind my desk.  (thank you Pinterest for the inspiration) Of course there are many reasonably priced options out there (I’m looking at you Ikea Billy bookcase!)  but then realized (thank you husband) that I would actually need things to fill my wall of shelves.  So the sofa table was kind of on a whim and totally unplanned.  We stumbled across it at Home Goods and knew that it would be perfect.  The length was considerably longer than traditional sofa tables and would fill my wall just right.  Of course the only issue is that Home Goods is typically one and done and we needed to jump on it that day.  So on a whim, we splurged!


So that price tag kind of stung a bit, but it definitely looks nice.  And the bonus is that there was no assembly required!

Chair & Bookshelf

I decided to simply reuse a chair and bookshelf from the living room of our old house to fill some space in the office.  I’m sure that we all have some lingering pieces of furniture and home décor hanging around our basements or garages, why not go through them during the redecorating process and see if we can save a few dollars???  I found a pillow at At Home for only $7.99 that matched my color scheme for the chair to dress it up and tie it all together; and just like that, my old chair and bookshelf have been given new life!


Window views


MY GARAGE STORAGE:  FREE!!! (+$7.99 for a pillow)

Nothing better than free!


The décor for my office space is a blend of old meets new.  Again, I first went through what I already owned to see if I could repurpose anything to go with my theme.  From there, I wandered around my local home stores to see what jumped out (at a reasonable price).  All of the pieces that you see on my desk and bookshelf were repurposed (AKA free) and the wall hangings were new purchases from At Home and Hobby Lobby.


Wall decor


Both stores have endless rows of home décor and wall hangings to browse through at incredible prices!  Little known fact about Hobby Lobby: they alternate sale weeks.  So if wall hangings are not on sale the week you are shopping, they will be on sale the following week; one week on, one week off.  Need it NOW???  There is ALWAYS a 40% off one item coupon on their website available to use online or in store!



Office exterior


So there you have it, my home office makeover in a nutshell.  It’s fashionable and functional and definitely did not break the bank!  Hopefully I have inspired you to jump on that home makeover project that you have been putting off!  I will be following up with more home inspiration from the other rooms in our new house, but in the meantime I would love to hear all about your favorite home decorating tips and tricks!  What are your must have items???  Where do you love to shop???  Need help with your own home project?  I am happy to help; just send me an email at!



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