This Happy House Fall Series

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping back in at This Happy House!  Today I am excited to share that there will be a new seasonal series kicking off soon: This Happy House Fall Series!  I know, I know… hold up: FALL?!?  Yes, that’s right, friends.  Summer is on it’s way out the door and fall is in sight.


This Happy House Fall Series


Hopefully your summer has been as amazing as ours here at the House.  We’ve pretty much knocked everything off of our Summer Family Bucket List and made many memories along the way.  We’ve made trips to the pool, beach, (many) local ice cream stands, zoos, festivals and more.  But inevitably, the time is coming to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.


Admittedly, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in denial.  Rows of back packs, notebooks, crayons and pencils have lined the aisles at Target for weeks now, and yet my response remains the same: “Are these people nuts??? Who is back to school shopping already???”  And yet.  Tomorrow kicks off the local school year, whether I like it or not.  The other piece to my fall apprehension is that this year my little man starts preschool and I’m already suffering separation anxiety before he’s even started… but that’s my own issue to deal with!


Anyhow, I decided that instead of dreading saying goodbye to summer as most people do each year, I want to find all of the ways to embrace fall!  And I want to share with all of you!


This Happy House Fall Series… coming soon

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect in our Fall Series…


Fall Into Family Fun

A seasonal follow up to our Winter and Summer Family Bucket Lists… plenty of our favorite fall activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Fall Into a New Routine

Fall is the perfect time to reset your life and your daily routine!  This article will be full of tips to get you and your family started off on the right foot to set your year up for success!

Fall Into Food Favorites

Fall is all about the comfort foods!  I will be sharing some of my favorite fall recipes to cozy up your house and your belly!

Fall Into Heath and Fitness (This Healthy House exclusive)

Straight from This Healthy House, find all of your health and fitness tips to get you started off (or continuing on) your health and fitness journey.



This Happy House Fall Series will have much more in store for all of you, in addition to what I have already shared with all of you.  I am excited for you all to join along and embrace the new season that is upon us.  In the meantime, get out there and soak up those last couple of weeks of summer and finish up that Summer Bucket List!


What are you most looking forward to for the fall season???  Feel free to share and don’t forget to stop back and check out Week 1 of the Fall Series!



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