Fall Essentials: Style, Comfort, and a Whole Lot of Pumpkin Spice


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Nothing excites me more than the warm scent of pumpkin spice floating through the air… Seriously, if this is ‘adult life,’ then sign me up!  I have officially become the person who gets excited for the Yankee Candle fall sale, hovers outside of Bath and Body works to catch a whiff of pumpkin spice anything, and stocks up on any fall-exclusive foods the grocery store is selling; no matter how questionable the flavors.  And let’s not even talk about my irrational excitement for cozy sweaters and leggings…



Fall Essentials


Which brings me back to This Happy House’s Fall Series.  If you haven’t already been following along with The Fall Series, then here’s a quick rundown for you:


This year, I have decided to boycott the traditional mourning of the end of summer, and instead celebrate the arrival of fall, in all of its yummy-scented glory.  And what better way to embrace fall than to bring it right into your home and daily life???  Last week, it was time to Fall Into Family Fun.  After all, with the end of summer, many of us may be left scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.  This week, I’m super excited to bring you my Fall Essentials List; nothing but the basics to get you set for fall!




The Essential Fall Wardrobe

My number 1 on the list of Fall Essentials is an amazingly warm and cozy wardrobe.  Leggings, flannels, scarves and more are some of my favorite fall wardrobe staples.  I get such satisfaction putting away my summer clothes and pulling out the fall layers!  Paired with a cute t-shirt, leggings and a flannel and I am ready to go for the day!


This Girl Loves Fall
This Girls Loves Fall: Blue Feel Creations Etsy Shop


My absolute favorite fall inspiration this year comes from Blue Feel Creations.  If you have not discovered it yet, head over to Etsy immediately and check the shop out!  Blue Feel Creations is owned and operated by an old friend off mine, Marilyn.  A Northeastern native and no stranger to chilly fall days, Marilyn has got style down to an art!  Blue Feel Creations is also offering an exclusive discount for all readers: 15% off your order with the code THISHAPPYHOUSE!


And of course, every cute fall outfit needs to be topped off with my favorite blanket scarf!  Cue me: the always-freezing girl being swallowed by her massive blanket scarf.  LOVE.  My personal favorite is found, of course, on Amazon.  Trust me freezing girls around the globe, you NEED this in your life!

The best blanket scarf on the planet

The Perfect Home Decor


Nothing screams ‘FALL’ more than an inviting home brimming with pumpkins, leaves and pinecones.  And it starts before you even walk in!  One of the first things I do when the seasons change is swap out my front door décor.  Personally, I’m a big fan of a ‘neutral’ fall piece, verses holidays.  That way I only need one door hanging to last me all the way until the Christmas season.


Currently, I’m sporting a simple yet classic ‘Welcome’ pumpkin sign on my front door.  Let’s get right to the point:  “Welcome to my house, and oh, by the way, I LOVE pumpkins!”  You can get yours delivered right to your front door courtesy of Amazon.


So not only do you want your house to look the part of fall, you need to smell it, too!  And of course, I always stick with the ever-reliable Yankee Candles to fill my home with all sorts of spicy aromas.  I will let you in on a little secret for my fellow bargain shoppers: if you buy through Amazon, you can almost always get a discount, too!  So if you’re too cozy snuggled up on the couch in your leggings and giant blanket scarf and want to save time and money, order right online!


Pumpkin Spice: My personal favorite


If you’re looking for even more seasonal home décor inspiration, my favorite go-to places include At Home, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby.


Pumpkin Spice Everything

If you’re like me (and 90% of the rest of the planet) then pumpkin spice becomes its own food group come September.  I could seriously write a piece devoted entirely to the deliciousness of pumpkin (and I just may!) but today I will stick with the essentials.  And that begins with a good cup of coffee.  You have two options here: wait in line and pay $5 for the trendy PSL, or make your own. 


Pumpkin Life is The Best Life


I have a secret: it’s not that hard to do, and it’s certainly more cost-effective!  Simply brew up your favorite coffee with cream and sugar if needed, and then pick up some pumpkin syrups to create your very own pumpkin spice latte!  Or pumpkin spice coffee if you’re not fancy like that.  Jordan’s Skinny Syrups makes an AMAZING Harvest Collection 3 pack that will last you all season long.

Pumpkin; I think I’m in love!


So now that you’ve made your perfect fall coffee, all that is missing is the perfect mug to put it in!  Cue my friend Marilyn from Blue Feel Creations… she totally has you covered!  Her mug selection is amazing, and so reasonably priced!


Pumpkin everything
Blue Feel Creations


So now that we have you covered with the Fall Essentials, it’s time to curl up on your couch with your leggings, t-shirt and blanket scarf, sip on your pumpkin spice latte while enjoying the smell of pumpkin float through the air… it doesn’t get much better than that!  Unless you’re a football girl like me, then Sunday: here I come!  (Go Steelers!)


It's football season
Blue Feel Creations


Happy Fall, Y’all!


I feel like I could go on forever about all of the things that I love about fall.  And I could probably come up with 100 ‘must have’s,’ but today I really wanted to stick to the basics!  My tried and true go-to fall items to really kick the season into high gear.  I would love to hear from all of you about your favorite Fall Essentials!  And be sure to stop back in the House next week for our next installment of The Fall Series!


More about Blue Feel Creations…


Blue Feel Creations


Blue Feel Creations was created by Marilyn after she moved down south.  She currently resides in Myrtle Beach with her boyfriend and three huskies, Nikko, Thor and Aspen.  Most days not working are spent enjoying the beach and the golf course, which is where you will see a lot of her inspiration stems from.


Loving the vibes from Blue Feel Creations???  Be sure to stop by Marilyn’s Etsy shop for a full variety of her products!  She is an amazingly reliable seller, and even offers custom orders!  This is also a great place to get a start on your holiday shopping!  And don’t forget your exclusive 15% off with code THISHAPPYHOUSE!



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