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                HOT PRODUCT

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                TMW062 without clip

                TMW068 set

                TMW073 Metal Twist Pen

                TMW074 Metal Twist Pen

                TMW075 Metal Twist Pen

                TMW077 Metal Twist Pen

                TMW078 Metal Twist Pen

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                • Professional

                • Originality

                • Intimate service

                • Team work

                • Authority

                about us

                TTI Industrial Limited was found in early 1990s and has grown to become the world's major manufacturer & exporter of plastic & metal ballpoint pens and stationery in HK,  having our own SA8000:2008 certified factory in China, supply various other promotional giveaways, stationery and are able to provide good quality in-house pad print, rolling print and heat transfer service on our products for customer wholesale & retail purposes. Tailor-made products and ODM/OEM projects are mostly welcomed. Presently, we export to over 60 different countries and our customers include many big companies and ...
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